2021 Excitement

2021 Excitement

In these early weeks of this new year, there seems to be an almost palpable charge in the air.

There’s a sense of excitement for what’s to come…

…a passion for what is possible that can be seen on the faces and felt in the attitudes of family and friends everywhere, as well as in the greater community.

And though a few twists and turns are to be expected, we’re full speed now, pedal to the floor, and smiling at the road stretching before us.

It’s a fantastic feeling.

Paraphrasing the great naturalist and philosopher Henry David Thoreau (to whom Vermont can lay some claim) we are hurtling confidently in the direction of our dreams—with multiple new product releases, events, and improvements planned in the coming months.

That’s exciting.

And, speaking of Vermont, we couldn’t be more grateful to be here.

Our community and the communities around us remain safe due to the fact that the vast majority of us are taking precautions and looking out for one another, making our little state the best possible place to be during this pandemic—and allowing us to continue creating and producing the finest craft spirits for discerning enthusiasts…

…all while being able to get outside and soak up the natural beauty of Vermont and pursue our passions for skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling (et.al.) that are part and parcel of living in the far north… and to just be.

It’s an amazing, and exciting, life.

We hope you’re feeling it, too.

And we’re glad you’re here with us to share the adventure.

To the good things coming, to the good things here.


Jeremy & Ron

P.S. Multiple new releases? New events? More quotes from famous philosophers in our newsletter? If any of that interests you keep an eye on your inbox—as a member of the SND Family, you’ll always get the heads up (and any discounts and bonuses) before anyone else…

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