Who really uses a Glencairn whiskey tasting glass, anyway?

Who really uses a Glencairn whiskey tasting glass, anyway?

Designed by Raymond Davidson, managing director of Glencairn Crystal, LTD in Scotland, the Glencairn glass first came into production in 2001. Whiskey is the world’s most complex spirit, and the Glencairn glass lets you savor the taste and complexity of a fine whiskey.

The capacity of a typical Glencairn whiskey glass is approximately 5.9 fluid ounces, but it is intended to hold approximately 1.7 fluid ounces of liquid. The inward-curved glass holds and focuses strong aromas, while the tapered mouth lets you really smell all the nuances of the whiskey.

There are five steps to appreciating whiskey:

Color – light gold, bright copper, rich amber.

Body – light, medium or full body.

Nose – which aromas do you recognize? Malty, smoky, fruity, chocolatey, caramel, or butterscotch.

Palate – softly sweet, rich fruity, peppery spicy.

Finish – Does the flavor remain for a long time or disappear quickly.

The Glencairn whiskey tasting glass facilitates this process. The neck of the glass diffuses the alcohol by allowing evaporation of the vapors, which helps in nosing, or smelling the spirit. The tapers mouth allows for ease of drinking not found in traditional nosing glasses. The wide bowl encourages warming and swirling as well as allows for the fullest appreciation of the whiskey’s color and the solid base is designed to be easy on the hand.

So, who really uses a Glencairn whiskey tasting glass? Anyone who wishes to truly experience all a fine whiskey has to offer!

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