Missed Anniversary March 21

Missed Anniversary March 21

A story for the ages:

We’ve been so busy working on our various projects—like remodeling the loft of our Jeffersonville distillery to create an interactive experience for visitors; and moving forward with what will be our fourth, and “southern” tasting room (more on that below)—that we completely spaced our own anniversary.

Typically in a situation like this there’d have to be profuse apologies, promises that it’ll never happen again, and fresh flowers delivered daily until the house looked more like a botanical garden than a place where people kicked their boots off at the end of the day (if not a fair amount of the weeping and gnashing of teeth).

But typical has never been our thing—it’s boring and, for obvious reasons, we’d have a hard time fooling ourselves with that old shtick, anyway.

Lucky for us we’re quick to forgive.

And since we’re in the business of craft distilling…

Instead of flowers we decided to make up for our oversight by creating something with an entirely different sort of bouquet, for ourselves and our fans.

To that end we’re happy to say that preparations for SND’s 10th Anniversary Whiskey have been finalized. We’ll let you know first when this limited release spirit is available (it’ll be soon, so keep an eye out for the announcement) as well as how and where you can snatch up a bottle before they’re gone.

Without a doubt we’ll hold some back at the distillery in Jeffersonville and, most likely, send a case or three to our other tasting rooms—including our newest, soon-to-be-open-to-the-public tasting room east of New York, west of New Hampshire, and a bit north of Massachusetts... (Or, as those of us in the northern part of Vermont like to call it, “down south.”)

And, not to overdo it, but maybe this was meant to be—there’s certainly a silver lining (well, more of an amber-golden lining) that’s come about as a result of missing our own anniversary.

Just sayin’.

But regardless, here’s to the last, and next, a-typical ten years.

Cheers, Jeremy & Ron

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