Hey Smuggler,

How’s your summer going? We hope it’s going swimmingly (and that you’ve been able to get some relief from the heat in a swimming hole or two)…

It’s been great to see everyone at the distillery – whether taking advantage of our curbside pickup , ordering from the food trucks, grabbing a cocktail-to-go with their meals, or all of the above.

We thank you for your continuing efforts to support SND and all of the independent businesses that strive to keep serving their customers, clients, and fans during these difficult times.

Even four and a half months into this “new normal” of facemask wearing and non-stop hand sanitizing (not to mention juggling work and childcare, restricted travel, et al.) some days can be more challenging, and surreal, than others…

And, while we may not like the new normal, and look forward to being on the other side of it –remembering all this craziness as the blip in history that it almost certainly will be – we’re not resting on our laurels or waiting for it to “just be over” either.

We’re charging ahead.

Just like we were among the first distilleries in the nation to first supply essential workers, and then the general public, with hand sanitizer, we remain committed to adapting, innovating, and serving our community, in spite of the very real challenges we are all dealing with, and regardless of how grim the 24-hour news cycle might be…

(Hasn’t it always been, anyway?)

To that end we continue to provide ample space for the food trucks (look for ‘My Favorite Things’ and ‘Papa Gyros’ when you swing through) to serve up delicious meals while allowing customers to practice social distancing…

We require that customers wear facemasks when entering the store (if you don’t want to, or can’t for whatever reason, no problem, you can place your order at our curbside pickup station and we’ll put it together for you while you wait outside)…

We offer hand sanitizer to all customers upon entering and exiting the store…

And we’ve created two new scrumptious pickle flavors with our friends at The Tipsy Pickle:

Bourbon Barrel Aged Rum Pickles


Maple Bourbon Whiskey Pickles

We’ll get through this together – and all the more quickly if we all remain vigilant in doing our part.


Jeremy & Ron

P.S. Wondering what you need to know and do if you’re planning a trip to Vermont from out of state? Here’s a helpful link:

Traveling to Vermont

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