Not Even, Especially

Not Even, Especially

Dear Smuggler,

We’re feeling pretty good about the SND Family as of late…

Because, not “even”, but especially in 2020, the definition of family has taken on deeper meanings, finer hues, and greater importance as we have all had to learn and re-learn how to navigate life amidst a pandemic, and re-evaluate, continually, what it means to “be there” for our loved ones and our communities while we try to go on living our lives with some semblance of normalcy (and sanity).

And thanks to you, our readers and fans, our network of local businesses and business partners, our extended family, there has been much cause for hope, and plenty of reasons to celebrate.

An example (we’ll put this one in the “reasons to celebrate” category):

Smugglers’ Notch Distillery’s Moroccan Rose & Grapefruit Flavored Vodka has been singled out as one of Wine Enthusiast’s Top 100 Spirits of 2020…

To wit:

‘As reviewed in the best-of-the-best-collection for Wine Enthusiast, “A candied orange peel aroma entices the nose. Palate is relatively neutral at first, then plenty of orange peel and grapefruit pith emerges on the rounded, surprisingly long finish, adding ginger and white pepper sparks.” 93 Points

Moroccan Rose & Grapefruit Flavored Vodka, the first release of a Reserve Series offering unique and natural vodka flavors, Vermont spring water, and no artificial sweeteners, accentuates SND’s award-winning vodka formula. Notes Jeremy Elliott, president and co-owner of Smugglers’ Notch Distillery, “Development of our first naturally flavored vodka was a long time in the works. We’re encouraged by the great reviews and this support for distinctive spirits.”’

And, a “cause for hope” as well as a “reason to celebrate”:

The fourth release of our Distiller’s Reserve Dead Buck Straight Bourbon Whiskey will be coming right after we all greet 2021 with a smile…

And finally (for now) in the “cause for hope” category:

We’d like to extend a huge Thank You! to The United Way of Lamoille County for making our latest round of hand sanitizer donations to people who are experiencing financial strain, housing insecurity or homelessness, and elders in the community, go so smoothly.

In the words of Ellen Hill, Co-director of the United Way:“A heartfelt thank you for your generous donation of hand sanitizer to the United Way of Lamoille County. Last week Clarissa French, my co-director, and I had the pleasure of receiving a full tour of the distillery. Jeremy’s enthusiasm and willingness to share his time and passion was more than a treat. The dedication to the well-being of our community is evidenced by Smugglers’ Notch Distillery and the United Way of Lamoille County is honored to be conduit to distribute the hand sanitizer. Our distribution sites to date include: Central Vermont Council on Aging; SASH; Copley Terrace; Lamoille Valley Housing & Homelessness Coalition; and CAPSTONE. On behalf of the organizations and the individuals who are receiving this donation, thank you!

And thank YOU for continuing to support local businesses, making it possible for us to continue supporting our locales…

Stay safe, never lose hope, and remember that there is ALWAYS a reason to celebrate.

Here’s to Family…


Jeremy & Ron

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