Tipsy Pickles

Tipsy Pickles

Hey, Smuggler,

Ever heard of The Tipsy Pickle?

If not, ya ought ta…


“The Tipsy Pickle specializes in creating award winning, one of a kind artisan pickles infused with Vermont Craft Brews and Spirits."

These are not your grandmother’s pickles.

Tipsy Pickles are made here in Vermont with as many fresh local ingredients as possible.

Each jar contains crisp, savory pickles, free of harmful preservatives and GMO’S and are hand-packed for the highest quality assurance.

Our mission is to blow your mind with delicious flavors only available here in Vermont.”


If you guessed that we’ve partnered with them to create our own crazy delicious concoctions/garnishes/toppings—Hot Notch Pickles (made with our own double-gold award-winning Vodka) and 802 Gin Pickles (made with local favorite 802 Gin)—you guessed right...

These pickles dress up your plate nicely, add some sour & spice to your Martinis, and keep the celery and onions company in your Bloody Mary!

(Feel free to crunch 'em as is, too.)

And, right now, you can grab a tasty 10 percent off when you order one of each. (No code necessary, just hit the "Bundle & Save" button and your discount will be automatically calculated at checkout.)


Jeremy & Ron

P.S. Lest the name fool you, these pickles are non-alcoholic (all of the high-octane stuff is boiled off prior to bottling).

Even so, they just might make you stagger...

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