Zoom Thanksgiving

Zoom Thanksgiving

Dear Smuggler,

With Thanksgiving right around the corner here in America and, unfortunately, Covid numbers spiking across the country again, we’ve been thinking about our family and the greater family – especially our staff, vendors, and visitors – even more than usual, or, at least, in different ways.

At this point it seems premature to predict whether or not a second-wave lockdown is inevitable.

But with the CDC advising us all to stay home and governors in multiple states (including Vermont) implementing more stringent travel restrictions and quarantine measures, recommending that we reconsider, or outright cancel, any plans to venture out of our immediate municipalities, a couple of things are certain: we aren’t anywhere close to “back to normal”, and the holidays are going to look very different for a lot of us this year.

Even White House coronavirus advisor Dr. Fauci’s kids won’t be coming home this November, and about that he said, “You may have to bite the bullet and sacrifice that social gathering.” 

If you want to keep yourself, your family and friends safe, that is.

(Zoom Thanksgiving, anyone? Maybe FaceTime or Hangouts?)

It’s far from ideal.

But the beautiful thing about Family is this:

No matter where we may be, we remain connected.

We find a way…

…to express our gratitude, to show appreciation for one another, to “be together” even when we can’t physically be together.

It could be that letter sent via snail mail just because.

It could be the gift sent without special occasion.

Or it could be the drink raised with those who are near to honor those who are far.

We find a way.

This year it looks like the way will be to celebrate with immediate family in the immediate area – and to pick up the phones or crack open the laptops to virtually toast those family and friends who live in the greater areas…

…to keep the greater family safe.

(Zoom Zoom)And Cheers

Jeremy & Ron

P.S. Along with all the traditional fixings this year, our family table will also include SND’s newest offering, Smugglers’ Notch Distillery Vermont Maple Cream Liqueur. Below are some of the fancy and flavorful words we’ll be using to promote it to the public at large – as a subscriber, you’re seeing them first.

Vermont Maple Cream Liqueur is an indulgent blend of Vermont flavors created in our unique SND way.  

We start with our extraordinary rum, double aged – first for 3 years in charred white oak barrels, and then for an additional year in SND bourbon barrels to infuse it with complex overtones of whiskey – and then marry it with 100 percent pure, organic Vermont maple syrup from a local sugarbush, and fresh cream.

The result is a liqueur that makes for great company at the family table. 

Light whiskey notes to begin; a satiny, complex confluence of creamy vanilla, maple, and toffee that lingers mid-palate; and the mellow sweetness of the rum for an incredibly satisfying finish.  

Savor this decadent Vermont Mountain Spirit in coffee, over ice, in cocktails, or even in the ultimate smoothie! 

Of course we’re biased, but after your first sip, we believe you will be, too… 

P.P.S. And keep an eye on your inbox – sometime within the next few weeks to a month we’ll be rolling out two very special new offerings: Release #4 of our 108 proof, Distiller’s Reserve Dead Buck Straight Bourbon Whiskey, as well as our 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Distiller’s Reserve Whiskey!

There’ll be pre-buy options for both.

(Hey, global pandemic or not, we’re going to keep on keeping on and doing what we love, concocting the finest of spirits for your imbibing pleasure – you wouldn’t expect anything less, would you?)

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